One of the many aspects of bespoke shirt tailoring is that anything is possible.

Choose exactly what you want

Some of our customers have a very clear idea what they want when they come through our door.  They may want to give a particular trend their own personal twist. Or to copy something they’ve seen on the runway or in a magazine. Or, sometimes, to have something very special and totally unique created for them such as, a ruffled bib dinner shirt.

Expert guidance

Others welcome the expert guidance that we’re able to offer – to enable them to choose what will work best for them.

Lots of options for you

There are many choices to be made when deciding how to style your bespoke shirt.  We have, for example, hundreds of shirting fabrics including Italian fabrics from Monti and Liberty fabrics, for you to browse and select from. We can help you to make these choices, taking account of factors such as the degree of luxury you’re seeking, wearing occasion and performance. Find out about our prices.

Come and see us

Would you like to visit us in Savile Row to discuss the bespoke shirts that you’d like to have tailored for you? Give us a call on 020 7287 6740 or email at We’ll arrange for you to come in to sit down and discuss your wishes over a cup of tea or coffee, look at fabric and styling options, and be measured.