We are delighted to introduce the new violin-shaped sole for our made-to-measure Goodyear welted shoes. Featuring a bevelled narrow waist and metal toe taps, these elegant soles are available in a variety of colours and can be used on almost any shoes; from Brogue to Oxford to single or double Monk to Chelsea boots or Saddle.


What is a ‘Violin’ sole?

On most shoes the bottom of the sole is simply a flat piece of leather running from the toebox to the heel. However, shoes with violin-shaped soles are substantially thicker in the middle and thinner towards the edges – making the sole look like a violin or fiddle (hence the name).


Closed Channel & Metal Toe Taps

As well as offering new soles for our made-to-measure shoes, we will also be using closed channel stitching. This is a method of manufacture whereby the stitching is covered by a small flap of leather, creating a clean and elegant look. While the closed channel sole is a sign of quality shoes, it does have one flaw: in order to close the channel, you have to cut into the sole to make a very thin flap. But closing that flap is ultimately done with shoe cement, which can be reopened over time – particularly in wet environments. By using toe caps, we are able to prevent water getting inside.