For many men, maintaining a professional appearance while juggling the day-to-day struggles of modern life can prove a strenuous task. Whether you’re a sucker for spilling your morning coffee or suffer from sweat patches, finishing the day with a pristine shirt is as unlikely as getting a seat on the tube.

Our new sweat and stain-resistant cloths offer the perfect way to combat such complications. Made from cotton, they feel like any other cotton fabric, however boast additional properties that can be characterised by the combination of two qualities: repellence and breathability.

To repel liquid – such as water, wine or tea – its fibres are made to be hydrophobic (water-resistant) and lipophobic (oil-resistant), while the cotton disperses perspiration to prevent underarm rings or odours. To remove any spills from your shirt, you simply avoid rubbing the stain and pour water onto the affected area.

“The new fabrics are a must-have for every gentleman,” says Max Ciampi, store director of 40 Savile Row. He believes they will prove popular for all occasions throughout the year. “They’ll keep you cool while keeping spills away, so they’re the perfect choice for business as well as weddings and parties. I have tested the cloth for my everyday white bespoke shirts and it performs exactly as promised. I poured some coffee down the front by accident and it came off without leaving any evidence. It certainly gets my approval.”

There are eight fabrics in total, which include a selection classic colours. Shirts can be fully customised – from the collar to the cuffs and buttons – to suit your sartorial tastes and can be ready to wear in as little as a week.