Bespoke morning suits for weddings, civil partnerships and Ascot

Morning suits are just so utterly glamorous for weddings, civil partnerships – and de rigueur, of course, for the Royal Enclosure at Ascot.

Getting the line of your tails just right

The secret to looking fabulous (and feeling comfortable) in your tails is to have them made for you. This is not a mere nicety: it’s essential if the line of the tails themselves is to look right. Because … the elegant line of your tails depends upon the morning coat being a perfect fit on your torso and sitting neatly on your natural waist. Not too high, not too low. Not too tight and not too loose.

Choose the detail of your bespoke morning suit

Perfect fit and elegant lines aside, there are many wonderful things about a bespoke morning suit. One is that you can choose all the little details that make it so special for the important occasions when you’ll be wearing it. Another significant plus point is that, whilst morning coats and pleated trousers are traditionally made from heavy-weight black and charcoal grey wool, we can make them from a lighter, finer wool that is much more comfortable all year round, but especially in summer.

And, if it’s your wedding, who says that your morning suit has to be black and charcoal grey? You can make it as contemporary as you wish.

It’s your big day – and you call the tune!

You might want a waistcoat on which to wear your great grandfather’s fabulous gold watch and chain. You might want your ushers to wear matching silks of a bright, exotic hue. Or you might want to dress quietly and conservatively … It’s your wedding! You call the tune.

Wedding attire for the grooms, best man and ushers

We regularly dress the whole wedding & civil partnerships celebration – the groom(s), the best man, the ushers and the father of the bride. We create everything to be as glamorous, as individual or as traditional you want it. Suit, traditional matching waistcoat or glorious silk waistcoat, shirt, tie, cufflinks, pocket square …

So when would you like to come and see us?

Give us a call on 020 7287 6740 or email at We’ll arrange for you to come in to sit down and discuss your wedding attire wishes over a cup of tea or coffee. We’ll show you fabric and styling options and give you all the advice you want. All in the perfect calm of 40 Savile Row.


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